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An energized elixir born of a steady vortex...

An explosion of life for all things green. Liqi-Life is Energized Liquid Fertility created using outstanding natural ingredients spun by a steady vortex. For lawns and gardens, orchards and forests, parks, nurseries, wineries, greenhouses and more. Awaken your plants! Serving Harbor Springs, Petoskey and Walloon Lake Michigan's surrounding areas for the 2022 growing season. Tailoring to residential needs where a superior fertility regime is desired. Ideally 3-6 treatments depending on your budget and desired effect. In our zone 5a, applications starting in late April and finishing up in late September. Call and schedule an application today!



Crafted By Nature
Harvested By Man


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Our lawns, fields, gardens and forests are routinely being dowsed with substances that inhabit life, not nurture it. Whether it's un=natural fertilizers, or fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides, the results are the same...a hindrance of life. Ants, bugs, worms, bacteria, fungi, and the countless other little organisms that make dirt..."Earth", ultimately take the hit. Instead of eradicating this or that we break natural order. It is not the absence of life, but the presence of ALL life that moderates one antoher and brings this balance. Our landscape is no place for chemical warfare.

However you provide fertility to your plants, may it be natural, educational and joyful.